Preferred clothing in Kerala : Kerala has a hot and humid weather through out the year with little variations in temperatures. It is best to wear cotton and light clothes while in Kerala.

As you will be oily after treatment, we will give a green gown to wear. Please bring the suitable sandals to wear after treatment.

Conduct In Public

The people of Kerala are very simple by nature and feel offended if someone offends their feelings. Thus, avoid any kind of public display of affection, wearing provocative clothes, etc. during your stay in Kerala

Power Voltage

The power voltage in Kerala is 240 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. You can always buy a voltage converter, if the devices you are carrying do not work on 240 Volts.You could get a voltage converter in most electrical shops in Kerala. If you can, get one from your home.
The plugs used in Kerala are usually the round pin variety instead of the flat pin type that is used in most of the countries in the West. We would suggest that you buy a combination plug adapter.