Thridoshas in Ayurveda | Dr Franklins Ayurvedic center

Thridosha are present in every body units and they functions for the normal metabolism of the body. The functions of certain body organs are more influenced by any one of the three doshas and they are identified as the major sites of action of that specific dosha.

Site of   Thridoshas:

Location of the vatha dosha:
Urinary bladder, rectum, waist, thighs,legs, bones and colon are the sites of vatha.
Among them colon is the most important site.

Location of the pitha dosha:

Sweat, lymph, blood and small intestine are the sites of pitha.
Among them small intestine is the most important site.

Location of the kapha dosha:

Chest, head, neck, joint, stomach and fat tissues are the sites of kapha.
Among them chest is the most important site.

 Qualities of Thridoshas

Vatha                     Pitha                     Kapha

Cold                    Hot                          Cool
Light                   Sharp                       Heavy
Dry                     Slightly Oily              Dense
Rough                 Penetrating               Stable
Hard                    Liquid                       Oily and slimy

Doshas according to Time, Age and Phase of digestion
Doshas varies according to time, age and phase of digestion. Presence of the doshas can be visualized in the end, middle and beginning of day, life & digestion of food.

                                         Vatha                        Pitha                                   Kapha

Time                              Evening                        Mid-day                               Morning
Age                               Old age                         Youth                                  Childhood
Digestion                       Colonic phase                Intestinal phase                   Gastric phase

Normal functions of Thridoshas


  • Responsible for all the movements of the body, even at cellular level
  • Controls the metabolic functions.
  • Controls the movements of other two doshas Pitha & kapha
  • Cell division
  • Stimulate all the sensory as well as motor centres
  • Controls respiratory process
  • Responsible for normal functioning of the mental power
  • Originator of enthusiasm and joy


  • Heat production
  • Increase appetite and thirst
  • Maintains colour, complexion and lustre of skin
  • Maintains vision
  • Increases the metabolism
  • Improves  mental activities
  • Concerned with various emotions like joy, fear, anger and courage


  • Constitutes the main body mass
  • Responsible for strength,  firmness of the body
  • Maintenance of body fluid
  • All the process including growth and development of the body
  • Healing of wounds
  • Fertility
  • Responsible for certain positive mental attitudes, enthusiasm, knowledge and memory