Thalam ayurveda treatment

DESCRIPTION- Thalam ayurveda treatment

Thalam is prepared by special mixture of herbal powder and medicated oil is applied on the upper portion of the head and allowed to stay for a some period of time (30-45 minutes). After washing thalam,  rasnadi choornam is applied on the crown.  It also promotes mucous secretions in the para-nasal sinus zone which reduces vascular congestion in the brain.

PROCEDURE  for  applying Thalam 

Application of a special mixture of herbal powder and medicated oil on the upper portion of the head and 

allowed to remain for a particular period of time. It is immediately followed by a medicated head wash.


BENEFITS of this treatment

  •  Helps in conditions associated with ENT, insomnia, migraine, high blood pressure, fevers and Vatha condition.
  •  Effective in curing disease of head and neck, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, hair fall and graying of hair,  stiff neck, cervical spondylitis, lower back sprain etc.