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Different types of seasons occur in different parts of the world. Ayurveda elaborates the seasons and their features. Many health tips are given for prevention of diseases and also for health care prevention during these weather conditions.

• Utharayana - Adana kala - Northern Solstice - Mid January - Mid July
• During this, strong sun rays and pace winds bring about Dryness and absorb moisture
from the earth. The three seasons of this period are -
o Shishira Ritu - Magha and Phalguna (Mid-January - Mid March) - late winter. This season enhances bitter 

taste - low body strength.
o Vasantha Ritu - Chaitra and Vaishakha (Mid-March - Mid May) - spring – enhances astringent taste - lower 

body strength
o Greeshma Ritu - Jyeshta and Ashadha (Mid- May - Mid July) - summer – enhances pungent taste - lowest 

body strength.
o Due to increased Dryness, the body becomes weak.

• Dakshinayana - Visarga kala - Southern Solstice - (Mid July - Mid January)
It has three seasons.
o Varsha Ritu (rainy Season) - Shravana and Bhadrapada - (Mid July - Mid September) - enhances sour taste - 

mild body strength.
o Sharath Ritu (autumn season) - Ashvayuja and Karthika - (Mid -September – Mid November) - enhances 

salt taste - moderate body strength
o Hemantha Ritu (winter season) - Margashira and Pushya - (Mid- November –Mid January) - enhances sweet 

taste - high body strength.
The oiliness or unctuousness in the body grows in these periods and dryness is relieved. Hence body strength 

increases in this period.

Late winter regimen - (Shishira Ritu)

• The Hemantha ( winter) and Shishira (late winter) seasons are similar. But the Dryness of Adana kala (shishira 

 falls in adana Kala) and cold caused by cloud, wind and rain intensifies. So the entire prescription for Hemantha 

(winter) is to be followed in the Sishira as well. One should stay in a calm and warm home. One should avoid 

taking bitter and astringent tastes which cause Vatha imbalance. One should avoid food that are light to digest, 

food having coolant property and cold Drinks.

Spring healthy regimen (Vasantha Ritu)

• During spring, Kapha that is accumulated in winters gets liquefied by the sun heat and disturbs the digestive 

  power. It leads to many diseases.
• So, one should undergo therapies like vamana
• One should avoid : Heavy foods, Oily, unctuous foods, Sour and sweet foods, One should not also sleep 

during day time.
• At the beginning of spring one should habitually resort to Exercise, Palm massage / unction, Medicinal 

smoking, Gargling and Collyrium, the excretory orifices should be regularly washed with lukewarm water.
• One should smear his body with Chandana (Sandalwood) and Agaru ( Aquilaria agallocha)
• One should take foods like - Barley, Wheat, Meats like that of rabbit and mridvika (raisins) types of wine. 

One can have moderate sex.

Summer regimen - (Greeshma Ritu)

• During the summer, the sun rays evaporate moisture of the earth. One should have
• Sweet tasting foods
• Coolant foods, Liquid foods
• Oily, unctuous foods and Drinks
• Fruits smashed with sugar
• Meat of the animals or birds of windy climate
• Ghee and milk along with rice
• Avoid alcohol during summer - One should have alcohol in a little quantity or should not Drink at all. Even if someone consumes, it  should be diluted with plenty of water.

• Avoid taking food having salt, sour, pungent and hot qualities.

• Physical exercise should be minimal.

• During day time one should sleep in an air-cooled apartment. During night, after applyingsandalwood paste 

over the body, one should sleep in an open airy roof, which is cooled by moon rays.
• One should wear pearls which helps to calm mind.
• Avoid sex and should try enjoying beauty of garden, cold water and flowers during summer.

Dietetics and Regiment for rainy season (Varsha Ritu)

• During rainy season, the body is weakened due to weak digestive strength. It is further weakened due to vatha 

   imbalance, which vitiates body tissues.
• The water gains sour taste due to clouds, mist and cold wind .
• Avoid beverage, day sleep, water from river and heavy exercises.
• Use honey in preparing diets and drinks. If the days are cooler due to heavy rains, one should take such of  

   diets as sour, salty and oily, this serves as an effective antidote to the vitiation of vatha during this season.
• In order to maintain normal digestion strength, one should take barley, wheat and rice. The vegetables are best

   when consumed as vegetable soup.

• Pure rain water or water from well / pond- boiled and cooled, mixed with little honey should be consumed.
• Massaging of body with palm
• Powder massage
• Bathing in luke warm water
• Wear fragrant garlands during the season
• One should wear light and clean clothes and should reside in a house devoid of humidity.

Healthy regimen for autumn - (Sharath Ritu)

• The body parts adopted for rains and cold are suddenly exposed to the heat of the sun with the beginning of 

  autumn. In this season, sweet, light, cold and bitter food and Drinks should be taken so as to tackle Pitha.  
• Rice, barley , wheat, meat like sheep and rabbit can be used.
• Intake of ghee processed with bitter herbs promotes nutrition.
• Avoid sun bath, food with alkaline, salt, fat, oil, curd, meat of aquatic animals.
• Avoid day time sleeping and exposure to frost.
• Use of garlands made of autumnal flowers and clean cloth and also the rays of the
moon in the evenings are very beneficial.

Dietetics and Regimen for winter (Hemantha Ritu)

• During winter, the digestion strength is so much improved and it is capable of digesting any food stuff 

irrespective of its heaviness and the quantity taken in. If proper quantity of food is not taken, it affects the quality 

of rasa dhathu and leads to vatha imbalance.
• less oil, sour , salt and meat of the aquatic animals recommended
• Fermented liquid prepared with ripened fruits should be consumed with honey
• Cow milk , dairy products, sugarcane can be taken
• Fat of animals, sesame oil, fresh rice grains and hot water advised
• One should  take oil massages especially on head , palm massage, sweating therapy, sunbath.
• Ensure that bedding and seats are well covered with heavy wrappers, silk cloth and blankets. Wear heavy and 

warm clothes. Smear the body with Agaru – Aquilaria agallocha-like perfumes.
• Avoid light foods , Drinks and exposure to cold waves that are likely to cause vatha vitiation
• Only moderate sex is advised