Psoriasis, a skin condition with red patch which is dry and bothersome in nature, is non-irresistible and provocative. It is gotten from Greek word "Psora" implies tingle or scale and "Iasis" characterizes condition. It is interminable in nature, portrayed by erythematous (rosy) outlined papule secured with silver textured patches.This condition happens because of increment in skin layer multiplication because of uncontrolled division of cells in the skin in its basal layer. 

Psoriasis, an auto-resistant sickness misread the skin cells as pathogen, and conveys defective signs which fortifies the expanded division of skin cells. Zones influenced are scalp, ears, elbows, genitalia and on the palm and feet. 

Distinctive Types of Psoriasis 

* Plaque psoriasis – Raised and ruddy patches on skin secured by silver scaling. 

* Pustular psoriasis - White pustules encompassed by red skin. 

* Psoriatic joint pain – Which prompts to irritation of joints. 

* Guttate psoriasis – Small, red spots on the skin 

* Inverse psoriasis – Smooth, red sores shape in skin folds. 

* Erythrodermic Psoriasis – Affecting the huge zone of the skin and there is redness and expanded shedding of the layered skin. 


Ayurveda discloses Psoriasis happens because of vitiation of two doshas– vata and kapha. This causes gathering of poisons in the more profound tissues of skin like rasa (supplement plasma), rakta (blood), mansa (muscles), and lasika (lymphatic). This pollution of more profound tissues causes 



Correct causes or etiology of Psoriasis is not known but rather certain components are thought to be the purpose behind this condition: 

* Infections like streptococcal infection. 

* Mental anxiety and enthusiastic anxiety. 

* Hormonal changes as in pregnancy. 

* Certain Drugs: Beta blockers, NSAIDS, Anti-depressant, Corticosteroid treatment withdrawal, Alcoholic drinks and so forth. 

* Damaged or harmed skin. 

* Sunburns. 

* Hereditary variables and Family history 

* Smoking and Tobacco additionally upgrades its impact 

* Causative Factors in View of Ayurveda 

* Improper dietery regimen (Mithya Ahara) 

* Incongruent foods (Viruddha Aahar ) 

* Expanded admission of salty nourishments, black gram and sour foods, fermented foods, spicy foods, maida (Refined flour), pastry kitchen items, junk foods and fast foods, refrigerated foods may contribute to psoriasis. 

* Despicable way of life irritating the stomach related procedure of the body (disturbing doshas) 

* Un known cause-Adrista Hetu 

* Over the top Mental and physical anxiety 

Side effects OF PSORIASIS : 

* Raised red fixes and scales on the skin secured by free brilliant scales, including skin region, for example, knees, elbows, scalp, hands, feet or lower back. 

* Skin patches are dry and irritated 

* Torment and irritation 

* Skin fix may drain 

* Enthusiastic Stress 

* Confined joint movement 


* Scratching done to diminish tingling may bring about skin contaminations and thickening of the skin. 

* Thickened skin and bacterial skin diseases brought on by scratching trying to calm serious tingling 

* If there should arise an occurrence of serious state of pustule psoriasis, it brings about liquid and electrolyte irregularity. 

* Patient may grow low self-regard 

* Melancholy, Stress, Anxiety, Social segregation 

* Understanding experiencing Psoriasis is at high danger of building up some illness like metabolic disorder, agglomeration of infection including hypertension and hoisted levels of insulin; incendiary inside malady; cardiovascular ailment and, perhaps growth. 

* Add on infection is psoriatic joint inflammation is excruciating and may debilitate the patient. Quiet feels trouble in performing every day exercises. 


* Refrain from acidic (acrid) foods, citrus natural products (mango, lemon) , apple, , grapes, tomato, pineapple, pickles, buttermilk and curd 

* Keep your eating routine free of matured nourishment and pastry shop items. 

* Abstain from utilizing whey and refined flour as a part of your eating routine. 

* Stop utilization of cool beverages, frozen yogurts, fast food (like pizzas), sauces, Ketchup and even seared foods. 

* Natural product jams, safeguarded squeezes or saved nourishments ought to be evaded in eating regimen. 

* Maintain a strategic distance from desserts, chocolates and paneer. 

* Dried organic products (with the exception of almonds and raisins) to be kept away from 

* Stop liquor and tobacco utilize. 

* Maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of normal salt, it can be supplanted with little utilization of shake salt. 

* Maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of red and green chilies, stew powder, garlic, onion, and so on. 

* Quit having milk shakes, natural product serving of mixed greens, and drain in the wake of eating organic products for 60 minutes. 


* Attempt to stay away from any sort of harm to the skin. 

* Presentation to morning sun is extremely valuable for diminishing the irritation and scaling on affected part of the skin. 

* Try not to attempt to control any inclination for regular marvel like heaving, pee or inside clearing. 

* Use of vitamin E rich oil and linseed oils makes the recuperating speedier in influenced region. 

* Want to wear perfect, spotless, dry cotton garments. 

* Do customary work out, Yoga and Meditation in everyday schedule. 


* Aloe Vera– Helpful in lessening redness and tingling in Psoriasis. 

* Capsaicin – Ingredient in Chillies supportive in lessening of torment, aggravation, redness and scaling. 

* Guggul – Having mitigating and lipid bringing down properties, which is useful in evacuating fats and exorbitant liquids in the skin. 

* Turmeric – Useful being a mitigating and cell reinforcement. 

* Neem – Useful in sanitizing blood and a decent detoxifier, upgrades body's insusceptible framework.