Natural remedies with garlic

Garlic is one of the amazing natural remedies ,it is one of  best herbs for Vata conditions, but it also has tamasic qualities, so it should be consumed properly.Garlic can be consumed in raw form and can be used in vegetable curry / in the form of Garlic capsules ( Supplements) which reduces cholesterol levels.

1. Used in cookery it is a great aid to digestion, and keeps the mucosal coats of the stomach healthy.

2. A clove or two of Garlic, pounded with honey and taken two or three nights successively, is effective for rheumatism.


3. Grind few cloves of garlic and pour ¼ cup of boiled water on it. Add this infusion to sugar syrup .

    This is an excellent cough expectorant to children and elderly adults.

4. When sniffed , it greatly helps in relieving hysteria and relieves sinusitis problem.

5. Garlic juice taken with hot water twice a daily relieves asthma attacks.

6. Three cloves of garlic boiled with milk taken every day at night cures productive cough and bronchitis.

7. 10 drops of garlic juice with 2 teaspoon of honey reduces the acuteness of asthmatic symptoms.

8. Taking garlic juice with fresh water regularly reduces high blood pressure

9. Half a clove of raw garlic consumed each day can increase body activity to dissolve the blood clots, thereby preventing heart attacks      and strokes.

10  One more benefit of garlic is you can apply garlic paste on ringworm.

Precautions and adverse effects of garlic consumption :

Some may experience heartburn and flatulence when they consume garlic. It should be used cautiously by a person who have bleeding disorders. Garlic should never be consumed during a migraine/headache. Avoid rubbing garlic on skin as it causes burns and peeling of skin.