Natural Remedies for Allergy | Dr.Franklin's Ayurveda Centre

* Honey has several medicinal qualities and has been used in medicines since many centuries for treating various illnesses. Honey has good potential to resist certain allergies and is the most recommended home remedies for allergies. Always take raw honey rather than adding to your cooking as it losses its medicinal qualities when it is cooked. Look for fresh honey collected in the farms instead of buying an artificial one.


* Ginger is one of the effective natural antihistamine and also a good decongestant. Take a small piece of fresh ginger. wash and cut it into small pieces after peeling the skin. Put the pieces into a small mug and pour a glass of boiling water into it. After 10 minutes add few drops of honey if needed and drink the mixture slowly. This is one of the useful allergies cure.


* Garlic is one of the popular natural ingredients with its many medicinal qualities. Garlic helps the blood purification process and improves the immune system. Garlic also works as an ideal decongestant Garlic can be added with any food item as raw or cooked. Garlic is very effective in arresting cough.


* Apple Cinder Vinegar is a grannys remedy for treating allergic hives and itching. This solution can also be added in the bathing water. This is one of the best in  allergy treatment.