Mud therapy and its benefits | Dr Franklin's Ayurveda Center

Mud treatment is a successful treatment methodology. The mud utilized for this ought to be perfect and taken from three to four feet height  from the surface of the ground. There should be no pollution of stone pieces or synthetic materials in the mud.

* Improves blood circulation.
* Good for skin and acts as hair conditioner.
* Helpful in relief from joint stiffness.
* Maintains metabolism rendering positive impact on digestion.
 Useful in conditions of inflammation / swelling and relieves pain .
* Absorbs toxins from human body, hence prevents many diseases.
* Beneficial for healing wounds and skin diseases.

• For usual Naturopathic treatments, black cotton soil is preferred.
• As the mud retains moisture for a long time, when applied over the body part, it causes cooling and body relaxing.
• Increases thermo insulation capacity .

Mud has been in use since ages for curing many diseases. It is discovered that mud refreshes and rejuvenates the entire body, warding off lethargy.