HOW TO MEDITATE , a step by step guide

Meditation  describes a state of consciousness, when the mind is free of scattered thoughts and different patterns .Meditation can  be performed by any age group people, it just needs a calm and serene environment  to perform.

Below  is a step by step  guide  for  performing  meditation.           

1. Sit comfortably with your backbone erect, either  in a chair or  cross legged on a cushion.

2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and sense the points of touch between your body and the chair or the floor. Notice the sensations associated with sitting—emotions of stress, warmth, tingling, vibration, and many others.

3. Progressively become aware about breathing. Take note of wherever you experience  the  breath—either at your nostrils or within the rising and falling of your  abdomen.

4.  Allow your attention to relaxation within the mere sensation of respiration. (You don’t have to control your breath. Simply let it come and go clearly.)

5. Whenever  your  mind  wanders  in  other  thoughts, gently go back it to the breath.

6. As you focus on breathing, you'll also  perceive sounds, bodily sensations and feelings.

7.  The moment you notice that you have been lost in thought, observe the present  thought  itself as an object of consciousness. Then return your thought to the breath—or to any sounds or sensations springing up in the next moment.

8. Keep in this way until you could merely witness all objects of consciousness—sights, sounds, emotions, sensations, even mind themselves.