Easy home remedies for under eye dark circles

In todays busy schedules, most of the people prefer to apply products that reduces the appearances of fine lines and diminishes dark circles. Here are some natural remedies you can adopt for reducing under eye darkness.

Reduce under-eye darkness by following these points.

    1. Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated.
    2. Wear sunscreen if exposed to more than 10 minutes of sunlight .
    3. Get plenty of sleep.
    4. Apply plain cool teabags, cool cucumber slices , cool potato slices or  two chilled teaspoons .
    for about 15 minutes .

    5. Reduce your salt intake
    6. Use eye creams with Vitamin K
    7. Elevated pillows helps to keep the puffiness of your eyes down. Note : Do not use elevated pillows if you suffer from pain in the neck region.


Soak cotton with rose water and keep the wet cotton on eyes daily for about 15-20 minutes in morning and evening .
This will keep your eyes cool,reducing  dark circles to an extend .

Dark circles can also be reduced by using raw potato, Cucumber, Green Tea Bags, almond oil and many such natural products which can be used to remove dark circles.

Major reason for the occurence of dark circles

Scratching or rubbing eyes excessively,
Regularly sleeping on your stomach
Over usage of mobile appliance.

Staying up late and over tiredness caused from hard working.
Continuous starring  of computer and television screen without taking break.