Do yoga daily, stay young and fit | Dr franklin's ayurveda center

The word "Yoga" is very powerful and this word comes from Sanskrit.

Yoga could be altered to suit all levels of wellness. Yoga is good for health, mind and freshens one's body and mind.Yoga has a great importance in reducing pressure and stress..Yoga promotes specific changes in muscles, joints and organs.Yoga helps in improving physical and emotional well being of a person.

Yoga uses asana (stances - centered focus around particular body parts) and pranayama (breathing methods) to coordinate the body with brain and the mind with the soul.

The part of yoga which deals with physical exercises or poses are called asanas. The Sanskrit word asana translates to steady pose.Yoga asanas incorporate different physical poses that helps expands blood  circulation to body parts.

Practices in yoga uses the breathing process to channel our vital energy (translation of the word prana) to every part of the body. 
Breathing is an extremely important procedure of the body. It is even identified with performance of human mind.

The word Mantra means something that 'protects the mind'. Their supernatural sounds help mend physical imbalances, unwind the brain, calm the feelings and open the heart.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga nidra is the state of yogic sleep or also called as yogic relaxation. The act of yoga has been found to decrease strain and nervousness. Yoga nidra is a sort of significant meditation that associates in releasing stress from the body.