Do Yoga daily and breath the stress away | Dr franklins Ayurveda centre

Blood clots generally cause strokes and heart attacks , by performing yoga the blood circulation in your body improves and acts against formation of blood clots, helps to get more oxygen to body cells. Yoga  improves hemoglobin and red blood cells count (RBC in the blood which works to transport oxygen to various tissues). Yoga  decreases the chances of heart attack and strokes, by reducing the formation of blood clots. .

Listed here are 10 Important benefits of yoga 

1. Yoga burns extra calories from your body.
2. Yoga makes your body flexible and balanced
3. Yoga will enhance your inner strength
4. Yoga works for every kind of people
5. Yoga improves your body posture and will reduce back pain .
6. Yoga  decreases muscle soreness
7. Yoga restores energy levels
8. Yoga flushes your internal system
9. Yoga can make you relax from stressed life
10. Yoga is an economic choice to stay fit and healthy

Misconceptions about Yoga

• Weird Postures —Eg:-We have to bend and put hands in between the legs
• Will stimulate body more
• Only flexible persons can perform yoga
• Its all serious and no fun
• Its only for the diseased.
• Not possible in office