Branches in Ayurveda | dr franklin's ayurveda center

Ayurveda believes in special treatment for different body parts.Ayurveda, being a vast science is divided into 8 branches and they are,

1) Kaya chikitsa
2) Bala chikitsa
3) Graha chikitsa
4) Urdhvanga chikitsa
5) Shalya chikitsa
6) Visha chikitsa
7) Rasayana chikitsa
8) Vajikarana chikitsa

Kaya Chikitsa deals with the treatment of general ailments, such as fever, diarrhea, cough etc.

Bala Chikitsa deals with the treatment of children. This is also called kaumara brithya.

Graha Chikitsa Treatment is done to cure the patient who is suffering from mental ailments. It deals with the illnesses of brain or psychic conditions, which is caused by attack of some evil soul. 

Urdhvanga Chikitsa deals with the treatment of maladies of the organs over the clavicle. It incorporates the treatment of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, teeth and head.

Shalya Chikitsa deals with treatment of diseases caused by foreign bodies and diseases that need surgical therapies. It is carried out only for diseases, which cannot be cured by medicines. 

Visha Chikitsa deals with the treatment of poisoning from animals, such as snakes, insects, spiders, scorpions and also of plants, metals and minerals.

Rasayana Chikitsa deals with restoration and reestablishing of the energy of an individual and manages different treatments and herbs that must be taken to reestablish the youth and vitality.

Vajikarana Chikitsa manages treatment that gets great descendants. It gives different prescriptions and treatments to enhance the virility and the sexual capacity of a man.