Ayurveda : The science of life !

“Ayurveda is a sister philosophy to yoga. It is the science of life or longevity and it teaches about the power and the cycles of nature, as well as the elements.”

Ayurveda is a complete approach to life and health. It offers much personalized, specific solutions to individual’s health. By learning more about body, mind and constitution one may able to prevent or alleviate various ailments. It may make life much happier. 

Ayurveda now became the trend setter medicine globally with its life touching ever green healing benefits that lasts for a long time without causing any side effects.

Ayurveda even works in healthy people giving increased work energy levels, better mood, proper digestion, glowing skin, and restful sleep. The cosmic medicine Ayurveda improves your personality. The cosmetic applications of Ayurveda is also widely accepted. It is of great relevant today as it compliments all other systems of medicines in the world. The oldest medicine of healing focusing on prevention rather than curing, Ayurveda makes the personalized treatment built on symptoms of diseases in a natural way.

Ayurveda which is preserved and genuinely practiced in Kerala is mainly based on the sense of tradition. It is a gift to the mankind. Experiencing Ayurveda with all its magical power is a way out from the tensions of modern world. There is nothing to describe more on Ayurveda other than experiencing the frank ways of Ayurveda for a better satisfaction and a healthier fitness to accomplish the life.

Goal of Ayurveda
 An important goal of Ayurveda is to ;
• Identify a person’s ideal state of balance.
• Determine where they are out of balance.
• Offer interventions using diet, herbs, aromatherapy, panchakarma treatments, music, yoga and meditation to re-establish balance.

Ayurveda is a pathway to maintain a powerful natural equilibrium of mind and body to explore qualitative life in a natural organic way. The qualities that brand Ayurveda different from contemporary treatments are the vision of this system that states ;

a) Individual is an exclusive entity.
b) There is no general therapy or medicine suitable for one and all.
c) Prevention is the finest fundamental measure to sustain a healthy life.
d) Change in Food and lifestyle practices are the good remedies for many health