Ayurveda has cracked the code to ageing gracefully


Aloe vera: Contains adhesive polysaccharides that fix tissues and increment collagen 

Sandalwood: Closes pores, erases fine lines, builds suppleness 

Saffron: Reduces melanin creation to light up skin tone 

In our Photoshopped world, maturing has ended up something of an enormous joke, a crucial defect in a heavenly plan that should be forcefully deleted, Botoxed or surgically exorcized. In any case, for Ayurveda, India's ageless 'science of life', it is a period of grace, a chance to tap into the inner wisdom, radiance and beauty that is the gift of passing years. Along these lines, instead of a 'hostile to maturing' approach, Ayurveda offers rasayana chikitsa—a comprehensive revival of the body and brain. Rasayana treatment incorporates a nutritive eating regimen, remedial massages and home grown elixirs that work synergistically to repair and revive tissues at the cellular level. 


1.A rasayana diet comprises of foods that construct ojas, our vital essence, and adjust the vata dosha, the body's air component that dries and shrinks skin as we become more established. 

2.Almonds, walnuts and sesame are quintessential ojas foods. They are rich in Omega 3 unsaturated fats that full the cell film, making the skin delicate, sodden and versatile. 

3.Colourful organic product like pomegranate, papaya, mango, fig, watermelon, guava and grape are customary srikamya or appearance enhancers, and for good reason. Modern research discovers they are overflowing with cell-restoring cancer prevention agents that stop the maturing impacts of free radicals—the unstable molecules your body produces when it is presented to bright sun beams, ecological poisons, toxins or stress. 

4.Leafy green vegetables advance shodhan or purifying, flushing poisons from the lymphatic framework, while root vegetables like carrot and beetroot are ahar rasayanas, dietary tonics that fortify connective tissue. 

5.Ghee is a strong emollient, reaching deep into body tissues to mitigate and support develop skin. Utilize it as a shapely night cream, or simply have a dab over rice for an every day collagen help. 

6.Turmeric, the extraordinary flavor that has blessed Indian ladies for a huge number of years, is anti-inflammatory, cell reinforcement and sterile. It purifies the blood, lymph and liver and recovers cells to smoothen out wrinkles, blur age spots and fix listing skin. Take a teaspoon each morning with nectar and a squeeze of dark pepper to mirror its brilliant shine. 


Ayurveda's other restoring medicine is abhyanga or massage. Day by day self-massage greases up the face and body, channels lymphatic poisons, enhances muscle tone and discharges emotional stress put away in cell memory. The best massage oil for maturing skin is sesame; its warm, unctuous quality calms the vata dosha and supports all the seven dhatus or body tissues. For more expert spa medicines, attempt the supernatural soundarya vardhini, which truly signifies 'excellence drawing out'. This concentrated facial starts with snehana and svedana—remedial oiling and steaming—trailed by udvartana, a detoxifying home grown clean, lepam, a reviving organic product pack, at last closure with ksheeradhara, a supporting milk wash. 

The distinction amongst Ayurveda and familiar ways of thinking about maturing is that Ayurveda trusts that age is not an enemy to be pounced upon with surgical blades, lasers and compound peels. It is life in full blossom, a period we have to grasp and, yes, celebrate.