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Amas in Ayurveda - Signs and causes

  "Ama" in sanskrit means undigested or incomplete.Amas(toxins) are the root cause for various health disorders as per the ayurvedic science. Do you know how amas are produced? During metabolism agni leads to the transformation of of food products into energy.And,it leads to the production of certain toxic substances called "kleda". The excess kleda must be excreted out of the body to maintain healthy living. When the process of excretion cannot take place properly, accumulation of toxic waste materials takes place. And, this gives rise to the production of Ama.

Signs of Ama:

If you have at least three of the following conditions, you meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome and likely considered to have “Ama” according to Ayurveda:

waistline greater than 35 inches
high triglycerides [fasting TG greater than 150]
mildly elevated blood sugar [110 -125 fasting BS]
borderline hypertension [BP greater than 130/85]
“good cholesterol” less than 50 

Common Causes Of Ama:

The main cause for the formation of ‘ama‘ or undigested food material is impaired digestive function. Therefore, factors which impair digestion and increase the formation of ama include:

– overeating and consuming cold substances
–  irregular eating habits
– overconsumption of raw food
– eating heavy and fried food
– incompatible food combing
– eating with extreme emotions [i.e. anxiety, stress]
– sleeping before food is properly digested

Our next blog will give you a clear picture about the treatments of Amas naturally.