Aim of Ayurveda | Dr franklin's ayurveda center

Ayurveda is a science on life, addressing only those who are very fond of life. It describes four types of life paths.

1) Hitha-ayu   : A Life with righteous living, truthful living, and living in harmony with nature
2) Ahitha-ayu : A Self-absorbed life, conservative living and not living in harmony with nature, and the environment
3) Sukha-ayu : Good health with sound body and mind, life with reliefs, limited consideration to the nature.
4) Dukha-ayu : Disturbed mental and physical state, negative thoughts, harming the balance of nature and environment.
Ayurveda explains how the lifespan is affected by our daily activities and how it can be completed productively through natural ways. The objective of Ayurveda is to provide the total feelings of wellness - physically, mentally and spiritually.
• Physical wellness targets the steadiness of internal physiology 
• Mental wellness aims to preserve the mind vibrant and out of aggressive feelings, anxiety and fury.
• Spiritual wellness means to maintain a complete life with total responsibility to oneself and to the environment.

Ayurveda aims at making happy, healthy and peaceful personal and social life. The classic’s says that, preserving health of healthy people and to help them attain the fulfillment in life itself is an objective of this science. The relief from the misery of sufferings is also it's focus. The ultimate aim is the attainment of salvation through liberation and God consciousness, i.e. Moksha according to some scholars of Ayurveda.