Pranayama and its benefits | Dr franklins ayurveda center

Pranayama has all the benefits of being a methodical practice of breath.

 Pranayama does not mean keeping the breathed air in and exhaling it. It also means establishing control on the entire breathing process and concentration of mind.Pranayama makes the lungs more effecient, enhances blood dissemination, makes the man more stronger.

Pranayam plays a signifiacant role in blood purification, it is for this reason that the importance of Pranayama has come to be recognised, for a healthy longer life.

Several diseases can be reduced by regular practice of Pranayama. Individuals with hypertension, ceaseless anxiety were exceptionally profited by the general routine of this pranayama.Mental disturbances like excitement, anxiety, fear,and anger can be calmed down by regular practice of Pranayama.

A person experiencing from  sleep deprivation are very much benefited by this pranayama.Another benefit of Pranayama is that by its regular practice, habit of deep breathing is developed which is very good for a person.