" THAMASO MA JYOTHIR GAMAYA " " God, lead us from Darkness to Light "         " THAMASO MA JYOTHIR GAMAYA " " God, lead us from Darkness to Light "    

Ayurveda is India’s healing gift to the mankind. According to Ayurveda, the root cause of most diseases is improper digestion. Indigestion is caused by improper eating habits, nature of work, life style changes, lack of exercise etc. This undigested food causes a form of toxin (called also as 'Aama' in Ayurveda) in our body. It creates imbalances in our body, mind and soul; hence we are exposed to diseases. The God gifted medical system named 'AYURVEDA' eliminates toxins in natural way (Panchakarma) and restores our health.

The origin of Dr. Franklin's Panchakarma Centre has been traced back up to 400 years where the forefathers of Dr. Franklin had been serving the natives with Ayurvedic medication. Many special treatments prescribed in the ancient medical classics for some of the most distressing diseases were practiced in his family. Academically qualified by completing degree and post graduate degree in the similar field, Dr.Franklin had been recruited by the Kerala Government and worked up to the post of Chief District Medical Officer. Dr. Franklins Panchakarma & Ayurveda Centre was established in 1997.

We are blessed and thankful for becoming a part of this unique and unparalleled tradition of healing culture. We are dedicated to provide and deliver the authentic and the best Ayurveda treatments in Kerala with all its original procedures.

The Clinic is led by the chief consultant physician, who qualified as an Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sony Joseph BAMS, MSc and Dr. Soumya Franklin (daughter of Dr. V. Franklin) assisted by a team of experienced paramedical and hospitality staff.

"All our staff have completed the both doses of AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine against Covid-19. We are ready to welcome you to our Centre for Authentic Ayurveda”"


Ayurveda is a medical science that deals with valuable advises on life. Ayurveda is the Veda of Ayus. Ayus means life activities. Veda means advising. It gives great importance to cure and prevention of diseases. It helps the protection of health through treatments involving balancing of thridosha in the body, factual thinking of the mind, diet restrictions, lifestyle modifications and the use of herbs as medicines.

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Yoga means harmony of body, mind & soul. Yoga uses asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) to integrate the body with mind and the mind with the soul. Ayurveda takes the principles of vedic yoga and 'samkhya' thoughts. Yoga and meditation sessions are conducted by the expert Yoga Master.We are conducting regular Yoga seesions in the morning and private Yoga sessions on request.

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Dr.Franklins Panchakarma ensures a very comfortable stay for guests with modern amenities. Rooms are classified into Cottages, deluxe rooms, standard rooms and the huts. Our new wing has 24 Pool view deluxe rooms. All the rooms have twin beds, on suite bath room, communal garden, television and telephone facilities, safe locker and Wifi. Air-condition available in the Cottages and Deluxe rooms.

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 Ayurveda center in Kerala

Specialized treatments for

  • Life Style disorders
  • Arthritis and associated ailments
  • Respiratory problems
  • Stress, burn out and fatigue
  • Psoriasis and other skin ailments
  • Immune deficiency conditions
  • Thyroid problems
  • Gynaecological problems
  • Neurological problems
  • Age related problems
  • Allergic conditions
  • Digestive problems
  • Urinary problems
  • Hyper cholesterolemia

*Wellness, rejuvenations, detox, Panchakarma, weight lose treatments …..

Karkidaka Chikilsa – Monsoon Ayurveda treatments

As considering the climate of Kerala, the Karkidaka month ( July-August) is the most suitable period to undergo Ayurveda treatment. During this period monsoon rains will be in the peak, climate is humid, cold and windy. This climate- change disrupts the balance of Tridhosha – vatha, pitha, kapha immunity of our body becomes low and body becomes prone to diseases such as digestive, arthritis, respiratory, allergies and many other diseases.

It is a tradition in Kerala to undergo Special Karkidaka Chikitsa or Monsoon Ayurvedic therapy during the month of Karkidaka (It is the last month as per the Kerala Calendar).

Karkidaka chikitsa includes Shodhana chilitsa (Panchakarma- purifying body), Shamana chikilsa (herbal preparations to treat symptoms) and rejuvenation treatments to regain the immunity and balance Tridhosha... for more details and admission please 'contact us!'

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